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"connect or link with all descendants of a common ancestor"

Sponsor A Student

The Institution Mixte Shalom des Freres educates 600 students with over 50% being orphans or restaveks (child slaves). School is a luxury for many of the students and without the support of donors like you, they would not get the opportunity to attend.


But, you can make a difference and sponsor a student to take care of their basic needs. That's what family does . . . we take care of one another.




Your sponsorship covers a student's uniform, books, school fees, and a daily hot meal.



HAC-Haiti employs a group of men and women at the top of a mountain in Les Cayes to make school uniforms for the students.
So when you sponsor a student,
you're also providing job security for an adult!
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Urgent Relief

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every part of the world. But even with limited resources, HAC-Haiti has proven that education is still possible. Because of our amazing staff and through solar chargers and phone cards, our students took part in distance learning during this difficult time. And, our feeding program is still active providing a hot meal to any student who comes to the school hungry.

You can help us continue this amazing work by donating to the urgent relief fund.

$25 USD = 1 solar charger 

$38 USD / MONTH = sponsor a student

Share Our Story

There's no denying the power of a click! Simply share or repost from our Facebook or Instagram accounts to keep the word spreading and support growing. Tell the world what's important to you and show them the lives being changed in Haiti. The more exposure, the larger the difference HAC-Haiti and you can make!

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Forever Costs

Like any nonprofit organization, there are on-going costs to carry out our mission. We are incredibly grateful to the donors everywhere who generously support our efforts to change lives in Haiti. 

You can easily contribute online by making a one-time or monthly gift by clicking the link below. 

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